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We offer our clients the most advanced developments in the field of data, big data,
information storage and information security.

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Big Data solutions

If the amount of data constantly and continuously coming to your company for quick response and analysis exceeds the standard size - please contact us, we know how to manage big data. We will prepare the configuration and placement, develop a development and analysis strategy, we will combine data storage structures with the possibilities of their analysis and application. You can increase the efficiency of the company with the correct use of the big data system.

Cloud solutions

The most advanced data storage methods involve moving from stationary servers to the clouds. This will not only save on server infrastructure maintenance, but also increase the security of your operations. There are many options for creating databases in the cloud, and we will certainly help you decide on the option that will be most suitable in your particular conditions. Thus, constant and continuous authorized access to your data will be ensured in the conditions of their high-quality protection against hacking and loss.


Our employees are aimed at achieving maximum mutual understanding with the customer in order to most accurately express his wishes in the terms of reference, to help him correctly formulate the required architecture of the program being developed. We will check that the solutions we offer work long and productively in your conditions and do not require constant adjustment and configuration. Continuous monitoring will ensure the correct display of incoming data, their analysis and the direction of the necessary results.

Monitoring & support

Our team will be with you around the clock to solve problems and incidents in the shortest possible time so that they are displayed as little as possible on the processes of continuous operation of the company. Specialists will be able not only to timely fix the failure, but also to identify the cause of the incorrect functioning of the system and prevent the occurrence of such problems in the future. Consultation on the functionality of our applications and programs will also be available. We will be there for everything to work perfectly.

Security solutions

The most important point for all enterprises. We offer the development of protection for all applications and your network, the audit of the existing security system, the planning and development of protection systems for all the main business processes of your company, emails and internal correspondence. We will prepare systems for detecting and preventing unauthorized access to your system or databases, protect against hacker attacks and increase the level of anti-virus protection.

IT consulting

We are ready to conduct a full audit of the entire IT infrastructure in your company, determine its compliance with the stated goals of the company’s functioning and develop a set of measures to bring the functional to the optimal state. We will help in developing a company development strategy using all the capabilities of IT technology to optimize the main business processes. We will check the possibility and necessity of making changes and additions to existing applications.

Work progress

We guarantee the most convenient and productive process from setting goals and objectives to their complete solution.

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We are ready to consider together with you the problematic aspects of the functioning of the projects and offer the best ways to solve them using the most advanced IT technologies.

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Each of us - part of a whole team, is ready to contribute to the implementation of the project with the use of all our skills, knowledge and abilities.

We are punctual

We respect your time and initially set realistic deadlines for the project. And we observe them without fail.

We are friendly

We are ready to listen to the wishes of the customer and suggest the best ways to resolve the issue, methods and means of solving it.

We are creative

We are ready to consider even the most non-standard tasks and propose alternative ways to solve them using the latest methods and resources.

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