The company has been on the market for more than 5 years, during this time it has gained a stable reputation as a reliable and responsible partner. We closely monitor all updates in the field of data arrays and their storage locations. Turning to us, you can be sure that you will receive a service that meets your highest expectations. Our employees are constantly improving their level by participating in specialized conferences and seminars in order to present you all the latest developments. Our team is made up of people who sincerely love their job, and we do each of our projects with love and full dedication.

Project & Database Management

Our employees are experts in the field of programming and building databases, both in cloud structures and isolated on servers. Together with you, we will definitely choose the best option for your company, help you formulate the terms of reference, correctly determine the structure of data placement and draw up reports and extracts. We will help to form the correct data movement paths so that you do not miss a single trifle from the entire array of incoming and outgoing data.

Incident & Trouble Management

The professionalism of our team allows us to start the project when its absence has already led to the accumulation of problems and urgent intervention is required. We are ready to determine the source of the incident and correctly formulate ways to resolve it. Our manager will certainly offer such ways out of the crisis that will not only solve it, we will send data on the production processes of your company in the right direction. You will be able to organize work and get an effective way for further guidance.

Support & Monitoring Services

Of course, by providing you with a data storage and analysis program, we will continue to serve it, timely updating and adjusting it. Guaranteed support for the full functionality of the databases, the introduction of the necessary changes and additions - our team will make every effort to ensure that working with our project is comfortable, convenient and useful for you. We will be there to ensure that all data is located exactly where it is supposed to be, and are extracted properly.

skills & technologies

The specialists of our team have been working in IT for many years, they do not stop there, but continue to constantly improve their skills.

• Our specialists are aware of the latest trends in the formation of databases both on stationary servers and in various cloud structures. We work with data of different volumes and quality, organizing them and arranging them on shelves for the convenience of users.

• We work only with the most reliable cloud services that allow you to develop a high-quality system of authorized access to stored data and their security when you are there. No crashes, losses, destruction or alteration of data.

All systems will operate non-stop in order to update the data in line with the real processes in the company. This makes it possible to timely respond to changes in parameters and make the right management decisions.

Our experts are very attentive to ensure that the programs and applications that we create function correctly in an existing environment and do not require special adjustment and testing. We strive to ensure that the new functionality is qualitatively integrated into a working system without failures.

The main concern of all companies operating in competitive areas is the protection of their database. We will help to develop a full range, including the complete security of the internal network, external outputs, contacts and correspondence, data storage areas on internal servers and in external clouds. Protect against unauthorized intrusions and system attacks. Set up regular security monitoring.

Data engineering
Cloud services
Security engineering


Who we are

We are proud of our team. Over the five years of our work, we managed to gather in our composition wonderful masters of their craft - responsible, proactive, creative. We can confidently say that each employee is in his place. We value each of our specialists - it was with them that we were able to create a professional and promising company that you can entrust with your most ambitious project.


Kyrylo Melnyk

Co-founder & Big Data Solution Architect

The founder of the company and its main ideological inspiration. More than 10 years in the IT business, dozens of proven projects.


Yuliy Voronoy

Co-founder & Chief Сloud Solution Engineer

Founder of the company, with extensive experience in IT and computer technology. Now his area of ​​responsibility is all kinds of cloud projects.


Sergo Stetsenko

Co-founder & Chief Delivery engineer

The founder of the company and one of the most experienced specialists - after all, he has been in this field for more than 15 years.


Maksym Pyrohoid

Chief Project Officer

Work experience - more than 7 years. This is exactly the person who most often communicates with customers and knows how to find an approach to them.

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