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What are we doing?

• At the forefront of modern business is the complete and total digitalization of all major business processes. In this regard, there is a need to process ever larger data arrays - they should not just be accumulated, but properly processed.

• If you are faced with the fact that the business is not expanding, that there is more and more data, but you cannot systematize them, please contact. Our specialization is the development of data management and storage projects. Any scale of the project, profile and purpose - we design from scratch.

• Prepare, systematize, analyze, save and protect your data, regardless of its size. We will create cloud solutions for organizing fast authorized access to data from any gadget.

• We will carry out from start to successful end a project for the preparation and processing of data of any complexity, with any needs - and all this in a short time. We understand the importance of working correctly with data.

What will it give for business?

• Increase productivity, optimize it by combining all company data in one place, data from different departments can be compared and measured; employees will have more time to carry out their direct duties instead of preparing reports;

• It will help to quickly detect and fix problems and errors. Having quick access to data of various types, you can more easily control various production processes;

• Allows you to generate and send any form of report quickly and efficiently. You will be able to timely, based on the data received, adjust the activities of the company in the right direction.

• Thus, you can increase the efficiency of individual employees and the entire company as a whole. This will positively affect not only the image of the company, but also the level of service provided. You will be able to see opportunities for growth and development.

Access and security

• Providing fast authorized access to any data from anywhere. Now you can get important reporting data on the company’s activities, even while on vacation on the islands - from virtually any device with Internet access.

• At the same time, such data will be well and reliably protected from unauthorized access. You yourself will decide to whom and what level of access to provide.

• You can determine which specific data from the entire array needs special protection. We will prepare for them a separate protection program and access with the most stringent verification of rights.

• Creating a reliable cloud structure will combine these two most important functions - easy access and modern data protection. We use all the latest developments so that your database remains only yours.

How to be an effective company

• An effective company is impossible without proper management of the flow of incoming and outgoing information. At any given time, each manager should have a clear understanding of the data regarding his area of ​​responsibility. The leader should see the situation as a whole.

• To ensure such functionality, there are processes for processing data arrays. For each client we have an individual approach and complete confidentiality.

• Our experts will definitely advise you on the optimal database architecture so that the search and processing of data is the most effective, each employee has access to the most relevant data in their competence.

• Creating a logical structure for each report indicating the correct and complete distribution of data is what each of our clients will ultimately receive for the effective management of production processes in the company.

About US


We are a close-knit team of DevOps Engineers and Analysts with a lot of experience working in the best cloud systems, with projects of varying complexity from startups to enterprise applications with big data. Our mission is to make your business more stable, reliable and more productive with the help of all possible technical solutions.

Project & Database Management

Our employees are experts in the field of programming and building databases, both in cloud structures and isolated on servers. Together with you, we will definitely choose the best option for your company, help you formulate the terms of reference, correctly determine the structure of data placement and draw up reports and extracts. We will help to form the correct data movement paths so that you do not miss a single trifle from the entire array of incoming and outgoing data.

Incident & Trouble Management

The professionalism of our team allows us to start the project when its absence has already led to the accumulation of problems and urgent intervention is required. We are ready to determine the source of the incident and correctly formulate ways to resolve it. Our manager will certainly offer such ways out of the crisis that will not only solve it, we will send data on the production processes of your company in the right direction. You will be able to organize work and get an effective way for further guidance.

Support & Monitoring Services

Of course, by providing you with a data storage and analysis program, we will continue to serve it, timely updating and adjusting it. Guaranteed support for the full functionality of the databases, the introduction of the necessary changes and additions - our team will make every effort to ensure that working with our project is comfortable, convenient and useful for you. We will be there to ensure that all data is located exactly where it is supposed to be, and are extracted properly.

More about us

Our services

We offer our clients the most advanced developments in the field of data, big data, information storage and information security

You can increase the efficiency of the company with the correct use of the big data system.

If the amount of data constantly and continuously coming to your company for quick response and analysis exceeds the standard size - contact us, we know how to manage big data.

We will prepare the configuration and placement, develop a development and analysis strategy, we will combine data storage structures with the possibilities of their analysis and application.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Technology Strategy Definition
  • Big Data Technology Use case Identification
  • Big Data Infrastructure Set-up and Management
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • and more...

The most advanced data storage methods involve moving from stationary servers to the clouds.

This will not only save on server infrastructure maintenance, but also increase the security of your operations. There are many options for creating databases in the cloud, and we will certainly help you decide on the option that will be most suitable in your particular conditions.

Thus, constant and continuous authorized access to your data will be ensured in the conditions of their high-quality protection against hacking and loss.

  • Project management
  • Implementation of Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Infrastructure Strategy & Design
  • Cloud Migration
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Security
  • and more...

Our employees are aimed at achieving maximum mutual understanding with the customer

In order to most accurately express customer wishes in the terms of reference, to help him correctly formulate the required architecture of the program being developed

We will check that the solutions we offer work long and productively in your conditions and do not require constant adjustment and configuration.

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Code Inspection & Integration
  • DevOps Automation Service
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Virtualization
  • and more...

Our services will help your application stay accessible and more reliable.

Our team will be with you around the clock to solve problems and incidents in the shortest possible time so that they are displayed as little as possible on the processes of continuous operation of the company.

Specialists will be able not only to timely fix the failure, but also to identify the cause of the incorrect functioning of the system and prevent the occurrence of such problems in the future. Consultation on the functionality of our applications and programs will also be available. We will be there for everything to work perfectly.

  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring
  • 24/7 System Support
  • Incident & Trouble management service
  • Audit of infrastructure and servers
  • Hot troubleshooting
  • and more...

How we work

We create perfect projects

We carry out the project from conception to complete and effective implementation


Together with the customer we identify the issues and select the best ways to solve them.


On the basis of the chosen ways of solving issues, we create a harmonious concept of their implementation - to the smallest detail.


We express the concept in specific technologies, techniques and methods, agree on the final form of the project.


Running the completed software, debugging its functionality and checking its smooth functioning.

We are in numbers

Behind every project are ideas for optimizing and improving business processes.


Completed projects


Happy clients


Projects support



Why choose us ?

We create complete solutions

Let's begin the path to optimizing workflows with us

We are ready to consider together with you the problematic aspects of the functioning of the enterprise and offer the best ways to solve them using the most advanced IT technologies.

We're creative

We are ready to consider even the most non-standard tasks and propose alternative ways to solve them using the latest methods and resources.

We're attentive

We listen very carefully to the customer in order to clearly define the need - and find the best ways to meet it in the shortest possible time.

We're punctual

We respect your time and initially set realistic deadlines for the project. And we observe them without fail.

Friendly support

Our technical support is ready to answer any user question with the same attention and diligence, regardless of its complexity.

We're modern

Our experts always follow the latest updates in the field of data, big data, their storage and information protection.

We're open to dialogue

We are ready to listen to the wishes of the customer and suggest the best ways to resolve the issue, methods and means of solving it.

We're constant

We regularly monitor the status of all programs and applications, make suggestions for their improvement and optimization.

We're a team

Each of us - part of a whole team, is ready to contribute to the implementation of the project with the use of all our skills, knowledge and abilities.

You still have questions?

Write to us! And we will find and prepare for you the most profitable option for cooperation than we can achieve the maximum result together!

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